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Gemstud Earrings - Chakra Set of 7 Pairs

Gemstud Earrings - Chakra Set of 7 Pairs

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This Gemstud Chakra Set is perfect for the mindful yogi or yogini, inspiring deeper connection in their practice and therefore their daily life.

Crafted with natural gemstones, this collection is ideal for elevating your style while promoting a sense of wellbeing. Each pair is created with care using surgical steel studs for sensitive ears and secure silicone backings that stay put all day long.

A perfect gift for the conscious individual, the set includes a magnificent seven pairs of earrings for an unbeatable price; all pairs come beautifully packaged together in a lovely jewelry bag.

Start your journey towards greater wellness and style with our Gemstud Chakra Set today!

Chakra Details and information

1st Chakra is Red - Stone Raw Garnet - Muladhara = Root Chakra
  “Mula” means “root” and “adhara” means “base or support”

2nd Chakra is Orange - Stone Carnelian - Svadhisthana = Sacral Chakra
Svadhishthana means “one’s own abode”

3rd Chakra is Yellow - Stone Yellow Jasper - Manipura = Solar Plexus Chakra
Manipura means the “city of jewels” 

4th Chakra is Green - Stone Malachite - Anahata = Heart Chakra
 Anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten, pure or clean”

5th Chakra is Light Blue - Stone Blue Appetite - Vishuddha = Throat Chakra
 Vishuddha means “especially pure”

6th Chakra is Dark Blue - Stone Lapis Lazuli - Ajna = Third Eye Chakra
Ajna means “perceive,” “authority” or “command”

7th Chakra is Purple - Stone Amethyst -Sahasrara = Crown Chakra
Sahasrara means “thousand-petaled”

*DISCLAIMER: the natural stones sold may have variations in size and characteristics due to their nature. The individual stones were carefully selected and matched by hand for each pair, with an aim to ensure similarity in terms of size and overall look; however, slight differences are expected as these products are derived from naturally occurring materials.*

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